Inital Sampling

The first step to the process of using liquid soil is to take small samples and analyze your soil on hand. This analysis will take place in special laboratories in Germany, where scientists will develope the formula to transform the soil. Since there are special requirements for these samples, we will send certified specialists to extract the samples.

Assesment of Construction Goals

Every project is different. Therefore, also the goals and requiremetns differ a lot. They can reach from load bearing capicity over waterpermeablity to root repellency. To make us of Liquid Soil's full potential, these goals and requirements of the project have to be carefully identified and assesed in cooperation with the client.

Assesment of Circumstances

To implement Liquid Soil with respect to the goals flawlessly, the circumstances, such as the respective soil, the climate and the surroundings have to be clear. To eliminate any miscommunication, we send experts to the construction site in order to get a full picture of the given situation.


Development of the compound

Every compound is individual. The personalization depends on the previously analyzed soil, the goals and other circumstances. While developing the compound, we take great care of every single detail, guaranteeing it to show the best possible result. The development of the compound takes place in our German partner laboratories. However, the finished compound makes up for about only 2% of what later is Liquid Soil. The shipment is therefore imaginably easy, allowing us to keep costs at a bare minimum. Depending on the chosen ingredients, the production of the compound might even take place at your construction site, if the necessary components are available locally.



Due to local soil being transformed, Liquid Soil is not bought, it is produced on the spot. This production process requires appropriate machinery, for the transformation to be successful. After you have decided on which approach to take, you will need to produce your liquid soil. For this reason, we will import the machinery required for you. The machines are made in Germany and are easily operatable.


Liquid soil is not a technology; it is a product. Therefore, we will provide special coachings. Those coachings will consist of detailed instruction on how Liquid Soil works, how it is applied and how the machinery producing it functions. With time efficiency being a main objective in this process, the coaching will be held by an expert on the matter, specifically flown in from Germany.


From the moment the work relationship starts, you will receive complete monitoring and guidance from our experts, in order to guarantee the success of the operation. These experts will supervise production and application and will step in if need be.