Urban Development

How RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil benefits urban development

Urban areas tend to be busy, fast-paced environments. Streets and public transportation are heavily used and are a vital part to keep the city life going.

Great movements inside urban areas take it's toll on the streets, the sewers, tunnels and so on. Damages in infrastructural elements immediately cause problems such as traffic jams etc. Those issues need to be dealt with as fast and as efficient as possible.

RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil provides everything necessary to handle such situations. Thanks to its extraordinary laying speed damages in roads, sewers and so on can be combated in the most time efficient way possible. Furthermore, RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil causes close to no , to be disposed, excavated soil and therefore reduces time and cost requirements for any construction project, especially inside city territory. Lastly, the RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil technology does not require external bedding materials. Thus logistical problems get simplified, for there is no need for building sand and construction waste management. Thanks to the technology's ability to work with any given soil, city expansion can be dramatically simplified and accelerated. The constructions of new sewers and new city structures prove to be one of the greatest strengths of RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil.

Being able to harness many different types of soil while simultaneously staying true to its original characteristics without the use of external building materials does not only save time and funds, but also protects the environment in a previously impossible way.


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