How RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil benefits road constructions

Roads are a vital part of a region's infrastructure! Expenditure in the network of roads can be challenging, though.

Before the development of RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil, constructing a road required a tremendous amount of building sand and more importantly, time. RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil is able to trim down construction time by a huge margin. Where before tons and tons of building sand were required to ensure a safe bedding for the road, the RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil technology transforms the soil on hand into an optimal bedding, ready for your project. This saves costs as well as logistical efforts, while at the same time accelerating the process and maintaining the original soils characteristics. Thanks to this, the road bedding behaves similar, if not equal, to the surrounding soil.

Furthermore, the advantages of RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil especially shine bright in situations which require immediate reactions, such as damages in street beddings or reparations in general. The reduction of time required to fix an issue, greatly reliefs pressure from the road by deeming long traffic jams, as a result of road repair works, unlikely to impossible.


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