Cable and Pipe Laying

Cable and pipe laying

Cables and pipes are the veins of inhabited areas. Without them, living standards as we are accustomed to would not be possible. Therefore, making sure of their functionality and efficiency also means ensuring the civilized life.

It is here, where liquid soil revolutionizes the laying of cable and pipe, as well as the maintenance.

First and foremost, the application of RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil protects cables and pipes from the moment they are laid, thanks to its unique adaptability, preventing gaps from forming and thus slowing down the heating up process of cables and prolonging the durability.

Additionally, the laying of cables and pipes gets sped up by a tremendous margin. RSS Flüssigboden® Liquid Soil's temporary liquid state allows it to form a firm bedding, whilst simultaneously removing the need to employ crawlers due to its ability to solidify on its own.

All this combined scales down construction site sizes greatly, while at the same time cutting down laying time by an even greater degree!


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