The people

Y. Wen

"Mrs. Wen is Yajano’s co-owner and takes care of HR and office management. She further represents the company in legal questions."

M. Yi

"Mrs. Yi is Yajano’s co-owner and is responsible for the accounting department. She holds the CPA certificate and has years of experience in the accounting field."

J. Beselin

"Mr. Beselin is Yajano’s CEO and co-founder. He has long years of experience in company leadership and strategy."

T. Grabe

"Mr. Grabe acts as Yajano’s technical supervisor. Even though he does not hold a C-Level title, he is a de facto member of c-level management. He is further responsible for taking care of the company’s academic network."

T. Haase

"Mr. Haase is Yajano’s COO. Additionally, he acts as the general manager and head of the board. He is a co-founder and an experienced corporate strategist."

B. Sloupova

"Mrs. Sloupova is the head of the Marketing and PR department. She is proficient in many languages and her social skills are unmatched."