Company introduction

Shenzhen Yajano Trading, Co. Ltd. is the only licensed provider of the Liquid Soil technology in greater China, owning exclusive distribution rights. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquatered in Shenzhen, China. Yajano is an affiliate of the RAL Guetegemeinschaft and has deeply rooted connections to various European countries. Currently there is currently one branch, located in Leer, Germany alongside the Headquater in Shenzhen, China. Thanks to Yajano's contractual situation, the company can call upon 1500 highly qualified staff members, enabeling a smooth and obstacle free work process.

Yajano's businesses include the distribution of Liquid Soil, related machinery and engineering expertise. Furthermore, due to the highly complex nature of liquid soil, Yajano is working towards creating academic networks surrounding the topic of LIquid Soil. To achieve this, the company is actively seeking Universities and other academic institutions to take part in exchanges and trainings.

Liquid Soil enables Yajano to be active in every field related to the construction sector. This includes underwater works, road construction, civil construction, construction of buildings, tunnel construction, railway construction and much more.

The services provided include planning, engineering, analysis and application of Liquid Soil. In terms of environmental protection, the technology provided by Yajano eliminates most disposable construction soil waste, tackeling many issues arising in one go.